Friday, June 29, 2007

The Graduate

A lot of people tell me the first time they felt as a parent was when their child started either a kindergarten or a first grade. For me, it was when David started his school last year. There were a lot of firsts this past year ; David's first school day when he didn't even realize I was gone, his first holiday performance, his first teacher, Ms. Qiana, my first PT conference and a lot of new illnesses that David endured.

Today was another first for all of us. Our little boy had his first graduation day. Yes, he graduated his Primary class. He and his classmates performed for over 100 people. Seth and I had expected David to panic and throw a tantrum in front of all these strangers. But instead, we witnessed something that shocked us. David not only remained in his spot looking a little bit surprised seeing so many people, but he was the only one among dozen or so kids who was actually performing. While his teacher, Ms. Qiana was singing and dancing, he imitated her every movement. I can't even express how I felt when I heard people around me pointing at David and saying how adorable he was. Later his teacher said he did a superb job! Needless to say, I shed a few tears today.

If I sound like a very proud parent that's because I am. We were so proud of David today. If I had doubted my decision of placing him so early in the school, then all my doubts vanished after watching my son tonight.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

oh, jeesh, you got me teary eyed too. No fair.

Congratulations to David, and to you and Seth for surviving such a milestone year. You've both done such a great job with David. He's an adorable boy! He has a smile for us whenever I see him, and honestly, I have yet to see him throw one of these tantrums I keep hearing about.