Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just the two of us.

This morning Julia and I spent some time in a park that houses a carousel, a train, a zoo and a few playgrounds (most of which were closed due to some sort of construction).
She went on a carousel, rode a train, played in a playground and then we both had a little picnic which included peanut butter sandwiches, juice and pieces of a watermelon. It is so simple to make an ordinary day into a special one when she is only 2.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

April in Review.

I just realized I haven't updated my blog in almost a month. I browsed my camera to see what pictures I could post on my blog without writing a whole novel about what we've been up to in the past month (I think I failed to keep it short and sweet). In any case, I don't think our days are any different from a family raising toddlers.

This is Julia's favorite spot or a nest as she likes to call it. This is where all her readings are happening. Some books she knows by heart and I love listening to her "read" . It reminds me of how David used to like sitting on his potty surrounded by a few dozens of books and looking through them all.
Instead, now he is into drawing. And when I say 'now' , I mean this week. He went through his obsessions with coloring, writing letters, numbers and right now he is into building with blocks and drawing.

A few themes are going on in this picture. There's a bunny on top at night (thus stars) walking on the grass, a tree on the right and below -- a drawing of Julia and David fighting an alligator. He keeps telling me it is not finished, so I shouldn't hang this drawing up.

Lately, I've been noticing him drawing a lot of flowers. I realized then that at school they've been learning about planting and gardening. Thus, every flower has a dot at the bottom of a stem which as he explained to me later is a seed.

The teachers tell me that he loves building, so we purchased him another set of wooden blocks. Now, instead of Seth taking them to play a miniature golf, they build it in our living room and play for awhile.

Seth took David to Medieval Times for a dinner. They had a great time and brought a few souvenirs back.

Since we had lots of rain in April, the kids loved playing in the puddles and digging up worms. Seth takes them out for walks and they always come back telling me that they saw frogs or a spider building a web. They love anything that crawls and is slimy.

And on the days when it pours, we build highways out of a paper bag and construction paper, boats out of an egg carton and a roll from paper towels and sing "Rain, rain go away".
I hope the next post won't be about how we spent our summer days at the pool. If I ever get hold of today's pictures that were taken at Leonia day celebration, I might have another post sometime next week. Otherwise, who knows.