Sunday, July 1, 2007

It is 10 P.M. Do you know where your children are?

Julia is sound asleep in her room and my boys are gone. It is 2 hours past David's bedtime, but he and Seth are still at the local carnival enjoying the rides. We purchased David a wrist band that lets him in on the various rides as many times as he wishes... and wish he did! In the last two days we heard him say "more, more, more" (referring to the rides) more than ever. So, by getting him a wrist band we got our money's worth.
Even though he rode a carousel at Van Saun Park many times earlier that day, he still insisted on over 10 rides at the carnival.

"Train" was another overused word today and we went along with his request.

Making friends on the old fashion car.

Relaxing on the fire engine (thankfully, there was no fire in sight).

David, get off that horse already, the lights are going off!

The carnivals are also known for selling yummy junk food. David had no interest in an ice cream that Seth offered to him. I never thought a child of mine wouldn't like sweets, but David doesn't and I am relieved. I am afraid how disappointed he will be tomorrow when he sees an empty park. Oh, well, there is always next year.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I love this last pic of David. This kid enjoys the nightlife. I could learn from him - these days I can barely keep my eyes open that late.