Friday, June 8, 2007

The power of a friendship

"Thank you", said David to me today after I handed him a banana and he proceeded to eating it. I froze for who knows how long until I heard Julia screaming demanding the rest of her lunch.

Why would I mention this in a blog? After all, children thank their parents all the time. But I am talking about my son, the same boy who two months ago would throw a tantrum every time I'd ask him to repeat any word. And today he thanked me without being asked, begged or bribed.

After realizing that my hearing didn't play a trick on me, I started questioning how David knew how to apply this phrase in the right context. It is true, I've been nagging him to use "thank you", but when was the last time he ever listened to me? I then recalled that he's been repeating just about anything his pal, Olivia, says and even "thank you" a few times after they had their snacks together.

I've always known David enjoyed Olivia's friendship, but I never imagined it was also going to be an educational one.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

What a great video!

It's pretty amazing what the little ones pick up from each other. It's not just colds! It must have felt pretty good hearing him say thank you.