Sunday, July 12, 2009

Forgotten Pictures.

My friend said once, "If you don't have anything to write about in your blog, just post some pictures". I think I am taking her advice one step further and posting almost every single picture (in no particular order) that hasn't made it into the blog in the last month and a half.

Discovering new trails at the Tenafly Nature Center.

Visiting Land of Make Believe.

Reenacting a fairy story where Julia plays a part of a ladybug and David is a knight.

Making friends with wild animals in our backyard.

Celebrating cousins Marko and Daria's 6th and 3rd birthdays respectively.

Visiting our friends in NH.
What could capture David's attention so much?

A band, of course!

Participating in the annual "Run for Fun" race with Sadaf. Ran 5k in 27:08 min. (I think it's my worst time in the 3 years I've participated.)

David ran around the block race. The idea of a race was more attractive to him than running itself. He needed some convincing to complete the race.

After the race, we all were treated to a great bbq at Sadaf's house.

Julia's love of books continues. I entered the kids in a library's reading program. They each supposed to "read" 100 books in 8 weeks. We are about 10 books short of a goal and we are only 3rd week into this program.

Hanging out with their cousins at Coney Island.

Central Park.

Our nightly bbq dinners outside.

Riding bikes across the GW Bridge....

and back.

Leonia's Memorial day parade.

Taking a break from riding their bikes for a quick snack.