Friday, December 25, 2009

Disney Trip.

My 4 and 3 year old punks somehow convinced Seth and I to take them to Walt Disney World earlier this month. We had last visited the "happiest place on Earth" by ourselves after we just got married and I can say for sure that traveling without the kids is much more fun. This time, we went on the rides that we could barely fit into, missed going on the rides for people over 40 inches tall, and didn't set foot in Pleasure Island or see a Cirque du Soleil show. By the end of the trip it felt like I needed a hip replacement surgery from carrying a sleepy Julia around the parks every night.

As I was browsing through the pictures, I was very surprised to see David smiling on the pictures with Disney characters, especially when his meal was interrupted by a princess. According to him, only girls like princesses; not the boys. What he was really into were fast car rides, roller coasters, some amazing parades, live shows and the fireworks.

Julia's first day at Disney went something like this:

Julia: I want to go back to school.
Me: Julia, don't you like the Disney World?
Julia: No, I want to go to school and see Ms. Linda.
Me: Julia, go to the bathroom.
Julia: I am not going to the bathroom in a hotel. I want to go to a bathroom in my home.
Me: *sigh*

I knew it would all change the next day when she'd see Mary Poppins during breakfast, and I was not disappointed - Julia was star struck. She forgot all about her meal (which never ever happens) and clung to Mary Poppins' dress and would not let her go.

Anyway, here's our kids' vacation in pictures.

On our way home, our plane was delayed because of the aftermath cleanup from a blizzard, so I spread out papers, markers and crayons on the table at the airport to keep the kids preoccupied instead of letting them run around like crazy and risk them getting lost (as Julia did in the Magic Kingdom.) Oh, yes, my energetic boy was an angel on our trip, very independent and well behaved whereas my wonderful girl turned into a demon and refused to listen to a word we were saying.

David drew a picture of a plane in the clouds and asked if he could give it to the pilot. When we landed in Newark, David was able to show the tired (but very friendly) pilot the picture. Seth asked if David could take a look at the cockpit and the pilot agreed, inviting David inside, adding that he could press buttons if he'd like (since we were on the ground.) It was an exciting end to a long vacation.

Although the kids definitely had fun, Seth and I came back very exhausted. Now if only we could go on our own vacation to relax from this one!