Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Love the Snow.

Right now I can't imagine living anywhere else but a few miles away from the GW Bridge.

-Two feet of snow. Check.

-Shoveling for five hours and not being even remotely done. Check.

-Every muscle in my body aching, caused by previous activity. Check.

-Having tons of fun, skipping naps and reading for hours. Check.

-Heading out to sled with the friends. Check.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Julia's First Haircut.

Julia went from this:

To this:
in about 15 minutes.
As much as I didn't like having her hair cut, I also couldn't stand listening to her crying twice a day as we were trying to brush the knots out of her hair. Of course, if it was up to her, she'd have a haircut as short as David's. I actually like her hair's length now . It takes only a few seconds in a morning to brush it even if I still have to chase her around the house with a hairbrush.

P.S. My computer's barely functioning which means I can only use it a few minutes a day before it shuts off on me. So, I can post only short blogs and the longer ones are saved as drafts and need to be edited. Not sure they will ever surface though since I'm completely obsessed now with this project for David's teacher who is pregnant with her first child. I thought it was so appropriate since she's the one who's teaching him how to read. All I can say about it, it's a pain in the a** to knit, I'm not enjoying the process of knitting it at all and I would never knit it for any of my kids. I'm really hoping it comes out as beautifully as it looks on Knitterella's blog. I'm getting a warning sign on my computer which means I should be publishing this post or I'll loose it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Morning.

- Seth left to work.

- The kids got dressed.

-They drew some pictures using their new markers.

-One of them went to a time out.

-Breakfast. Washing dishes.

-Out to shovel the snow. Being a very eager new homeowner, I'm the first one out among my neighbors to clear my sidewalk and a driveway.

- 45 min later there's no sign of me shoveling. Realizing that after all, my neighbors are not lazy, they are just wiser.

-Building snow castles with the kids using their sand toys.

-Out to the town in their sled while one pulling the other.

-Stopping by a friend's house to say "hell0". No one's home.

-Talking to a friend who's surprised my kids are out of their pajamas and outside at this weather.

-Heading back home while pulling both kids on their sled up the hill.

-Home. Time out for both kids.

-Now we are all drinking hot chocolate. Now is only 10:20 am.

I've said "keep calm" to myself this morning more times than in some weeks. It's going to be one very long winter break.