Sunday, June 3, 2007

We are ready for the summer

In our household we don't follow any official starts of the seasons. For us, the summer begins when David's hair gets buzzed off. When I was growing up in Ukraine, I learned that a summer starts on June 1st, fall on September 1st, winter on December 1st and spring on March 1st. I had celebrated my birthday in the spring before I came to US. I still refuse to accept that the first day of spring is March 21st because it would mean I was born in the winter.

David has very thick hair and it seems to grow so fast. Judge for yourself.

We usually give David a haircut once every 3 months. But in the summer his hair gets very sweaty and stinky, so he gets a buzz cut at the beginning of June. Today we brought him to SuperCuts, he climbed onto the barber chair, didn't move or scream and here is the result. Voila!


Sadaf Trimarchi said...

ohmigod!! You did it!! You got a blog!! OOhhh I'm so excited. If you don't have one already, get yourself a sitemeter so you can see how many times I am clicking on.

Great pics! David looks like a cutie no matter what. Now, if only he'd convince Jordan that haircuts are not that bad.

Nataliya said...

Don't get that excited, I won't be updating it that often.
So, now you know that I live on your site!