Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Seth, Taras and Michael!

On this father's day, our kids don't make any efforts to act any more appreciative towards their dad than on any other given day. They are still too young to express their gratitude to their daddy with a signed hallmark greeting card although David's been working on his own card.

These days it is my pleasure to honor Seth and thank him for being a wonderful father to our kids.

People say that being a stay at home mom is more difficult than going to work. But I feel so lucky being able to play in the park with the kids while their father is stuck in traffic on the way to work or splash in the pool while he is at the office missing on all the fun. Neither one's job ends at 5 o'clock. As soon as Seth walks in the house, the first words he utters are "Hi, I am home! What can I do?" and rushes to kiss the kids who are absolutely delighted to see him. After helping to feed David and giving bath to Julia, he takes David to see the train and plays with him in the park until it is too dark to see anything. He plans the activities for the weekend at least 3 days ahead and spends a lot of one-on-one time with David either taking him to the Central park, across G.W. Bridge or to the local parks. It's been an exhausting year for all of us, but Seth's managed to work harder to help me and spend more time with both kids. I truly believe, that it is quantity and not quality of time that's important for the children.

Thank you, Seth, for being such loving, caring and fun father to David and Julia. I am looking forward to watching your relationship with them grow and I am positive that soon you'll be receiving plenty of cards from them with the words of pride and love for you.

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