Thursday, June 21, 2007

This blog has been brought to you by
the number 1, and
the letter P(ee)

This is a pair of underwear that's been lying in David's dresser for a few months now. Yes, I was very naive and hopeful that my son will be potty trained by the time he turns 2 years old. And I tried, unsuccessfully I might add. I'd spend up to an hour entertaining him while he would adamantly sit on his potty. Once I took my eyes off him to take care of Julia and he'd be gone! So, I gave it a rest... for a month.

Last month I decided to put him on a potty as soon as he woke up in the morning and after his nap. Seth or I jump out of bed as soon as we hear him in the morning and while sleep walking we bring David to his potty. I am very happy to say it's been working. As soon as David is done, which takes him a min or two, I'll scream "yay!" and dance around. I look like a total fool, but David seems to be amused. He insists on pouring it down the toilet, flushing it and saying "bye, bye" to it.

We are far away from David asking to go to the toilet or him using that pair of underwear, but slowly - very slowly - we are moving in that direction. But for now, I am off to Costco for 2 more boxes of Huggies; one for Julia and one for David.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

The title alone had me cracking up.