Saturday, August 29, 2009

Julia's Pre-School Anticipation.

For the past couple of years, Julia has been accompanying me as I've dropped David off at his pre-school. Although she's enjoyed her time alone with me, she's become increasingly eager to go to school as well. Next week it will be her turn to enter "formal" schooling. Will her first day meet with her fun-filled expectations, or will the realization that she's without Mommy or Daddy for the first time result in tears?

In anticipation of going to school, she's been asking me for months if it's "September already." To give her an idea of how long it was until the start of school, I decided to make a counting-down-to-school art project with her, so she could count the number of days left to her first day of school.

She traced and cut a few shapes out of a contraction paper which once glued became a school.

She matched the foam letters to the ones I wrote on a paper to spell out "Green House" (the name of her school) and glued them to the school.

We attached 9 rings to the bottom of the school. Each morning she cuts one circle and counts the number of rings left, thus the number of days left to her first day of school.

About a week before her school starts, we attended an orientation to get her familiarized with her new teachers and some of her classmates. The best part of attending "The Green House" is that she'll be attending with her best friend, Mina, who is returning there for a second year.

Mina was accompanied by her brother, Jordan, who's is not only going to be attending this school for a third year, but also skipping an entire preschool year to go straight to kindergarten. Hopefully, some of the credit goes to the school (so I won't feel so bad shelling out so much for tuition. )

Julia enjoyed meeting her teachers and her classmates, but she seemed more taken by the secretary who was very kind and patient, even when Julia kept asking her to draw butterflies while the she was in a middle of collecting money.

We read some stories together and I'm in love with their reading corner. (I wonder where they got these small couches!)

Julia stumbled upon a snack area where she grabbed 2 cookies and some juice. After that it was time to play in a school's playground. I'm sure it's going to be her favorite school spot.

Julia enjoyed her visit so much. On the way back, when a director asked her what was her favorite part, she replied "a cookie". It's so her.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Party Time at the Dentist's Office!

David and Julia had their semi-annual visit to Dr. Michael Kasselian, D.D.S., who both of our children look forward to seeing. For our healthy toothed children, they have no idea what other fun instruments lurk behind steralized compartments, so for them it's a fun doctor's visit.

After a short wait playing on the bean bag chairs, trying to get the attention of the clown fish in the fish tank, playing with stuffed animals, wondering what the black box (a.k.a. game system) over a smaller tv was for, watching part of the Ice Age movies, and looking through some books, it was time for their appointment. (It may not sound like it from the previous sentence, but it was actually a five minute wait.)

Sitting on the dentist chair, they had their teeth checked out, polished with bubblegum flavored tooth paste and then fluorinated with something equally as sweet. They even had their first X-rays as well, which not only showed healthy teeth, but also the big teeth lying in wait.

First set are Julia's top and bottom teeth:

Next were David's teeth.

Dr. Kasselian estimated that David's bottom/center teeth will be the first to go, probably within a year or so. David was very interested in his x-rays than Julia was with hers, and he was especially excited about his "big-boy" teeth hiding in his mouth.

When their appointment was through, David and Julia received the equivalent of a goody bag, filled with a new toothbrush, stickers, and two small toys. Neither one of them wanted to leave. It was only when saw me walking out the door did they figure I was serious and followed behind!

Sorry guys, but you have to wait six months before you go back to the dentist!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday, Julia!

She was so eager to turn 3 years old , so she could be a "big girl". Now she keeps telling everyone "I am three years old (while counting her fingers) and then I"ll be four years old". Hey, slow down, let me enjoy my three year old girl.