Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who said that a museum can't be fun?

David woke up really late this morning, 9 am to be exact. Seth took him out for a walk last night and they got home late, so David went to bed around 10 pm. It rained this morning, so I wasn't in a hurry to take the kids out. As much as I was tempted to invite some of his friends over for a play date, I decided against it as David is still feeling under the weather. So, once he was up, we read, painted, played until David started playing roughly with Julia. At that point I knew it was time to get out of the house. Seth found a coupon on line for a free admission to the NJ Children Museum and that's where the three of us headed. I don't know what I was thinking by bringing David and Julia by myself, but I believe both of them had a good time.
As soon as they walked in, they were literally attached to the fence that separated the visitors from a moving train. It took a lot of convincing to get David to move along.

Lucky me, there were more trains. I soon realized I had to find a chair because we were not going anywhere for a long time.

We missed a puppet show because David wouldn't leave the train station. Twenty minutes later the kid finally moved to another room and was he rewarded for that! The entire room was filled up with musical instruments including some small rattles for Julia. Everyone was again happy for awhile.

But serenity didn't last for too long. David found a stroller in one of the rooms and off he went. I just rolled my eyes, picked up Julia and started following him. If the reason we came to the museum was for David to push a stroller for the remaining time, then I was out.

Fortunately, David's curiosity took over. He would rush through the rooms, something would catch his eye, he'd "park" the stroller, play at one of the stations and was off again. I lost him dozen of times since Julia wanted to walk and of course, she'd go in a different direction David was pushing the stroller.

I am going to refrain myself from making a sarcastic comment about this picture.

The kids had a blast, I... not so much. It's exhausting to take both of them to a public place by myself. Hopefully, we'll have a nicer weather tomorrow and can spend the day outside.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I love that place. There's so much to keep them distracted. That said, I don't have the energy to take both of mine there alone. We went recently and I had grandma and Jessica helping. Even with three of us, Jordan made a break for it at one point and had to be hunted down.