Sunday, July 15, 2007

Samina's Birthday bash

Exactly a year ago, David's friend, Jordan, became an older brother to his baby sister Mina.

Today, we celebrated her birthday in their backyard which was transformed into a water park. The kiddies had so much fun splashing in the water, playing with water balloons, going down a slide, drawing with a chalk and popping the bubbles.

Everything fun must come to an end. Right? Not in this case. After the outside play, the kids enjoyed pizza while the adults devoured Italian goodies. David refused to eat from his own place, but had no problem finishing off Grace's leftovers. Thankfully, Grace was a good sport and didn't mind "sharing".
The finale came when ice cream cake was served. Miss Mina is too little to have good table manners (which I lack as well when it comes to sweets) and too impatient to wait for someone to pass her a spoon, so, she took matters into her own hands - literally - improvising other ways of getting the frosting into her mouth.

Even David had a taste of the ice cream cake, but he lost interest after a few bites since he doesn't seem to have a sweet tooth.

It was a great summer party! It sure is great to be born in the summer. Happy 1st Birthday, Mina!

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