Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Life is a beach!

Seth and I decided not to take a long vacation this year for various reasons, mostly because vacationing with two babies is oxymoron. But more about that in another blog. Instead, we agreed that we should take a few one to two day trips to various local spots, including amusement parks (ex. Sesame Place) and other child friendly (or adults overwhelming and money draining) places.

Today was one of those trips. We packed up the kids early in the morning and headed to Jenkinson's Boardwalk. It is a great place to take the kids to, go on the rides with them, build some castles on the beach and forget about the diet for a day. I was personally excited over tasting the taffy candies, fried cheesecake and really good ice cream. We purchased two wristbands (sold only on Tuesdays) for Seth and David. Julia could only go on 2 rides: a train and a carousel which are free for the kids under 3, so she didn't even need any tickets. (She really didn't care about the rides.) Nowadays, she is the happiest when she is outside walking, so as long as she is not stuck in the stroller, she's content. She did, however, enjoy playing in the sand and stomping in the puddles.
David kept dragging Seth to the same rides over and over again, and of course his favorite was the train which kind of resembled Thomas the train.
We were surprised that David liked and wasn't scared of a swing ride. Seth had to hold me back in order to place David on a swing since I didn't think it was appropriate for his age, but I noticed Seth holding his fingers crossed hoping David doesn't cry. David ended up going back to this ride another seven times.

While the kids were having their lunch and snacks that I brought from home, Seth and I were indulging in extra large ice creams and oversized pizza slices.

We had a blast, even though Seth and I got a sunburn, most likely Seth won't feel his feet tomorrow, but hopefully we exhausted the kids so much that they'll sleep till tomorrow noon. (Wishful thinking...)

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