Sunday, July 8, 2007

There ain't no mountain high enough...

After spending Saturday at the local parks and the pool, we decided on a change of a pace and drove to Bear Mountain today. Since the thermometer was creaping towards 100 degrees, the mountains seemed like a good hideaway from the heat. The scenery on the way wasn't as beautiful as it gets in the fall, but at this point of our kids' lives, they wouldn't appreciate it anyway.
David and Julia enjoyed climbing and jumping on the playground until the heat got to them and they needed to take a break.

They both enjoyed eating their lunches, surrounded by nature, and as you know, a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of bagel taste much better when eaten outside.

Julia got a chance to do her favorite activity -- walking -- which kept her happy. David was unusually quiet and content sitting on Seth's lap by the lake and throwing rocks into the water. Lastly, he was treated to a couple of rounds on the carousel before leaving Bear Mountain behind.

Since we were only 15 minutes away from Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, we couldn't miss an opportunity to go shopping.

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