Thursday, July 19, 2007

We are in big trouble now

At eleven months and two weeks, Julia finally had the courage to let go and take her first real steps. She had taken steps before, but it was more of a momentum-thing, diving into Mommy or Daddy's arms. This time, she not only took her own steps, but she was in control. She was delighted with herself, and rightfully so. She still walks like she's had a few too many drinks, and in the video below, David accompanies her walking with sound effects from his toy piano. But as cute and wonderful as it is to see your child take his or her first steps, it's also a precursor to a lot of troubles for me. For example, what happens when both kids decide to go in opposite directions at the park? Well, that's more of a concern for next month. For now, we can enjoy her wide smiles as she explores her newfound mobility.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Congratulations Julia!!! Can't wait to see you take those steps in person.

Nataliya and Set - you have my sympathies. :)