Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's His Fascination With Naked Women?

Everyone knows that if their 3 year old boy is quiet for longer than 5 minutes, the kid must be up to something bad. That was the case today while I was upstairs reading with Julia. It must have passed 15 or so minutes when I realized I haven't heard from my oldest. I rushed downstairs to see him sitting at his table, cutting out clippings from a magazine and gluing them on the sheets of paper. I was happy to see him being preoccupied until I took a closer look.

Right away, the memory of this came to my mind. I know I recycled Victoria Secret catalog. I must have. Anytime we get a magazine in the mail (and no, not all of them picture half naked women) David insists on cutting the pictures out of them. Surprisingly, even though he is left-handed, he is very good with scissors and cuts the pictures out along the frame line.
So, what did he decide to do with his "art"? Of course, he hung them up by himself on a fireplace.

And why not? Do we really need to hang Christmas stockings up? What's wrong with them staying on the console table throughout the holidays?

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