Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three Year Old and His Homework.

It is not a secret that I haven't been in love with David's school. He's been attending this school since he was 20 months old, and I was hoping that his language skills would be a bit better and he'd be reading by now. I realize it isn't fair to the school and that my expectations are unrealistic, but sometimes I forget he is only 3 1/2 years old.
I must say that I've been surprisingly impressed with his new class this year. He comes home with five or so paintings and other crafty projects every day. He is encouraged to write more. The teachers started implementing a reward system for students' good behavior. Every Friday he actually has homework that's due on Monday. Even though it takes a big chunk of our weekend, I like taking a break from the pre-school work books and doing something more creative with him that I myself didn't have to come up with. Since there is so much time a 3 1/2 year old can concentrate on one task, his homework has to be broken up into a few parts. Of course, as always, with a busy weekend schedule, some parts of David's homework are done just before heading to bed Sunday night.
As I was finishing Sunday dinner, Seth and David were working on "I am special" part of the homework where we had David draw himself, write his name (which he can do it well with his eyes closed) and cut out pictures from various magazines that show things that he likes (such as a picture of ice cream, a book, a tennis racket, pic of Wizard of Oz etc.) and then glue it next to the drawing of himself.

After taking a closer look at the pile of magazines they were cutting the clippings from, here's what I discovered!

So, it wasn't so surprising to me that when it came the time to gluing the clippings to a piece of paper, David insisted on a few pieces that were not very appropriate. "It is my favorite!", he'd scream. So, the lesson I learned from one of his homeworks -- Daddy will have to stay out of school work for now.


Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Oh. My. God.

I'm totally cracking up over here.


Seth said...

Hey, that's not fair! That magazine has no nudity, and contains a lot of pictures/stories of cars, sports, electronics, clothing and music! How many pictures do you think would be of interest to him from Kiplingers, Newsweek, and Computer Shopper magazine? What would the teacher say if she saw his homework with recipes, stock performance graphs and a picture of Sarah Palin holding a shotgun against a mountainous backdrop?

And who knows -- as a bonus, maybe David will learn how to pick up women and relieve a hangover! ;)