Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day.

This was the first year when both kids understood the idea of Santa Claus and were eagerly awaiting his visit for over a month. When encouraged to list all the presents he wanted, David sat down and wrote the following letter to Santa:

(for those of you who don't understand a 3-year old's writing and I can't blame you for this, it says:
Dear Santa?!
thank you
his G's are reversed and if he believes that a letter looks wrong, he erases it and rewrites it).

When reminded that Santa comes only to the good kids, David purposely changed his behavior and behaved well -- at least for a short time. On Christmas morning, contrary to last year when I had to practically beg David to unwrap a gift, he ran towards the biggest wrapped box. (To his disappointment, the biggest gift was Julia's.) When we showed him that each gift was labeled, he would recognize everyone's name on a gift tag and would bring it to each of us. Recession be damned, this year Santa was crazy generous to David and Julia, only because the kids could verbalize what they wanted. (I told you in a previous blog that I'll do anything as long as David talks).

While David went for the largest gift, Julia did the opposite. She found the smallest gift that she could carry and after opening it, she settled for a long read. She took her time unwrapping all her gifts.

Once David unwrapped his guitar, the other gifts really didn't matter that much.

And then there was Julia's new doll house... Would she be as excited opening it as she was with her Tinker Bell book? Not even remotely. Her excitement lasted just long enough to open the remainder of her other dozen (or so) Tinker Bell themed gifts.

After all this work, it was time for some rest under her new Tinker Bell fleece blanket.

As generous as Santa was this year, about an hour later, the kids had pushed all their new toys aside in favor of their old favorites.

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