Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party Planning.

Our plans for this weekend included to get David a haircut,

attend a friend's birthday party

and remain sane... not necessarily in that order.
On the way home from a party, I tried getting David involved in planning his own birthday party since I am running out of ideas where to host his party.
Me: David, did you have fun today?
David: Yes.
Me: Would you like to have your party at the little gym?
David: No party!!!!
Me (kind of overjoyed at the idea of saving some cash this year): Why not?
David: I don't like my birthday party.
Me: Huh??? You don't want Saul, Aidan, Shaun, Marko (and the name of a every single boy he knows) coming to your party?
David: No!!!
Then I realized why he loves going to the parties, but wouldn't like his own. The candles. He doesn't like blowing the candles. He closes his eyes anytime someone else does it. I think he is scared of a fire.
Me: David, how about we have a party, invite your friends, sing "happy birthday" to you, but there won't be any candles?
Julia (listening to GPS): Turn right, mommy.
Me: Daddy's driving.
David: Okay. Julia is coming to my birthday party too?
So, I think it was decided on a party place. Seth tells David that his words have an incredible power over me. It is true, I will do absolutely anything as long as David expresses his desires through his words.

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