Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Snow Fight of the Season.

While eating dinner tonight, we dimmed the lights in the dining room, turned the lights on on the deck and enjoyed the view of the first falling snow this season.

After the kids finished their meal, which actually went without incident for a change (perhaps due to our new game or the excitement of the snow,) they were curious to get a better look at the snow. (From their reaction, I'm guessing that any memories of last year's snowfalls have been purged from their minds.)

Seth introduced the kids to making snowballs, and David got into it once he understood that it was actually okay to throw them at Seth and I. Of course things slowly escalated until he was tossing snowballs the size of Julia's head.

This is how our hall looked after the kids were done. Julia was walking around barefoot this entire time and was missing her socks. By now she was walking on her tiptoes as snow was scattered throughout the first floor. At one point, Julia got my attention and said "I want to go inside." Sorry, Julia, but you are inside!

David's hands were frozen by the end. I was surprised that he didn't complain sooner. We wrapped his hands in a towel to warm them up and when that didn't work, he defrosted them under very warm water.

It was lots of fun watching the kids having fun with the snow tonight. As soon as David was done, he said he wanted to play in the snow tomorrow morning. Hopefully, there's still snow on the ground when we leave for school in the morning for a little bit of snow play.


Sadaf Trimarchi said...

One "X" a peice at dinner? Not bad. Your system is working!

Snowball fight indoors sounds like fun!


Erik and Daniel Klein said...

If that's the snow you got on 12/16, I can only imagine how much snow you are getting now (12/19). We got about 1 - 2 inches but I think you were supposed to get much more.

Are you going to make snowmen and have more snowball fights today and this weekend?

Erik and Daniel Klein