Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow!

The snow finally arrived in our neck of the woods. My first reaction was to get the kids outside to play in the snow. To my disappointment, as we were driving home from David's daycare, he told us he had cried because the teacher had taken them outside and he doesn't like snow. Oh well - there goes my hope for some outdoor fun.

In the afternoon the snow was replaced by freezing rain, and despite his earlier complaints, David didn't to mind going outside. In fact, ever since waking from his nap, he was talking about making footprints in the snow. Once he was outside and I saw the smile on his face, I knew that a little snow wouldn't scare this boy.

He looked at one of the trees outside of our house and exclaimed "We have a Christmas Tree outside!"

On the other hand, this is how Julia reacted to the snow practically the entire time we were outside. This girl does not like cold weather or the fact she can't move in her heavy winter clothing.

Both kids got to ride a sled around our block.

David proceeded to shoveling the snow. Somebody had to.

But the main reason we were outside was to build a snowman for the first time ever. We've read about snowmen in the books hundred of times, and even saw a short movie about one that came to life, but nothing beats the experience of building one for yourself.

I tried taking the pictures of Julia and David standing next to the snowman, but David had other plans. He decided to attack me with snow balls.

Ten minutes later, Julia was still standing where I had asked her, but David was nowhere in site, he was having a snow fight with Daddy.

Once home, we settled for hot chocolate and some snacks. We even used the fireplace for the first time in years, and the kids were mesmerized.

The rest of the evening was spent making paper snowmen with stickers and crayons, and playing various games while frequently gazing out of the window to make sure that our snowman hasn't melted yet.

It was a great fun day. In fact, David is already talking about playing in the snow tomorrow!

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