Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What were we thinking?

I love watching David reach new milestones, whether it's saying a new word, going down a bigger slide, or climbing up a higher ladder. However, I admit that if it was up to me, he'd stay one-years-old forever -- or at least sleep in his crib until he turned 18 and had to leave for college. Unfortunately, Seth doesn't share my thinking. He often treats David as though he were years older.

David started climbing out of his crib recently and Seth decided to convert the crib into a daybed, essentially removing one of the walls of the crib, making it even easier for our son to get out of his crib. I was mortified at this idea, especially because during the last couple of weeks, David has had difficulty falling asleep before 11 pm. I could picture putting David to sleep, and as soon as I would leave the room he would get out of his crib and play there until midnight - or worse, start running around the house experimenting with his newfound freedom.

Surprisingly, he's been very good so far, and actually stays in his crib. This morning, however, I nudged Seth after hearing a thump, followed by some whining through his monitor. As suspected, David had fallen out of his crib. Despite my concerns of this happening, Seth insists he doesn't need a bed rail because his mattress is only 8-12" high. (Men... Sigh...)

So now I'm debating whether to buy a toddler bed or just move him directly to a twin bed. Since David's crib is convertible, we'll probably convert it into a toddler bed first and buy a twin one for him when Julia is ready for his toddler bed. Why is this boy growing so fast? One day he is riding his tricycle all over town. The next day he's picking out his own clothes and refuses my help in dressing him. Then he's using the toilet as if he's been doing it for years. Now he's moving to a "big boy" bed.

If only he put all this energy into talking!

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