Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reservation for Two(th)

It was bound to happen sooner or later. For David, it was almost three years. For Julia, it was almost 1 ½ years. Today, both children were introduced to the dentist.

Until today, David and Julia had no idea what they were in for. In the past week, Nataliya was prepping David to the idea of seeing the tooth doctor to which David would clasp his hands over his chest and say "bah-dum, bah-dum." Good try, David, but the dentist doesn't use a stethoscope!

Even though Julia is probably a bit young to see the dentist, I thought it couldn't hurt to let the dentist take a look.

The Fort Lee Pediatric Dental Assc. waiting room features a large plasma tv tuned to the Disney Channel, a Playstation 2 game system, a large aquarium with tropical fish, and five large beanbags for kids to sit or fall on. There was enough space to even run around, which probably helped to put the kids in a good mood. (Well, that would have been the case if David didn't choose to play his favorite game - chase Julia and push her off balance.)

We expected David to complain at his mouth being examined, probed and cleaned, but he looked at ease with the doctor. Following a high-five and an explanation of his examination mirror, David was very cooperative, even opening wide for the Doctor to brush his teeth with a fluoride toothpaste foam that tasted like grape. We were shocked - the scene at home is a bit different...

Opening wide for the dentist.

Letting Dr. Kasselian brush his pearly whites.

With Julia, we expected a big fight and we were not disappointed. Nataliya had to sit with her in the chair during the examination and cleaning. After the Dentist finished and Julia got a chance to actually taste the sweet toothpaste, she started asking for more. (More toothpaste, that is; not the brushing.)

After her checkup, Julia shows the dentist how teeth should be brushed!

All in all, the kids' first trip to the dentist went better than expected. Granted, all that the dentist did during this initial visit was look around their mouths and brush their teeth, but it was a positive start. Both kids have a good set of choppers!

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I was wondering how the visit to the dentist went. This place sounds great! Looks like both kids came through it with flying colors. Hurray!