Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

As 2007 comes to a close, we had one last weekend to enjoy with the kids. Saturday wasn't too eventful, but the unseasonably warm weather was the perfect invitation for us to spend a few hours outside. After David woke from his nap, we headed into town. David rode his tricycle for a while while Julia rode in her car. Finally making our way to the park, they were soon joined by Olivia when they continued to play for a while.

Sunday was our busy day. Chance, Connor and Sarah came over for brunch. David loves playing with these kids, and they're really good to (and patient with) him. Even though they are much older than David, they play with him and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.

After David and Julia's very short naps, we headed to American Museum of Natural History to meet some of Seth's friends from Australia.

Seth had taken David to the museum before and suggested meeting up here because of the museum's size and abundance of space. We found out (the hard way) that space isn't so abundant when the city contains more tourists than usual. In fact, the museum was so crowded that I was afraid I'd lose Julia who, not only refuses to be carried, but runs ahead of us without checking that Seth or I are in sight.
After visiting a few exhibits (which was all we could handle with the crowds), we decided to move our little gathering to a nearby cafe where David enjoyed his second cup of hot chocolate of the day. (Perhaps the caffeine in the cocoa is why David is still wide awake in his bed as I write this blog entry.) After his hot chocolate, he proceeded to tear the cafe upside down. Seth's Australian friend, Michelle, helped distract him by putting on a bandanna which he was interested in (for about three minutes.) Sigh

By the time we got home, it was too late to start preparing dinner, so we stopped off at Donna's Pizza in Palisades Park for dinner. This is one of the few restaurants where our kids "behave" because they are too busy enjoying their pizza slices!

Finally finishing dinner and putting the kids to bed, Seth finally replaced the kitchen faucet that he had put off for a few months now. This is perhaps the first thing he's actually fixed (outside of replacing batteries and light bulbs), although he did have a bit of guidance from his friend, Ty. In any case, hopefully this will be the start of more things getting fixed around here!

Anyway, this posting marks the end of another weekend and another year. It's been crazy and adventurous, but still wondrous at the same time. We hope (wish) that the next year will bring us three things: 1) health, 2) an end to David's terrible twos, and 3) hope that Julia doesn't ever hit the terrible twos.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2008 year!

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