Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spring Wonderland Dome.

The kids are still getting over their cold and Seth is just catching it. Not only has he been sick for the last week, he had to work on Saturday which left me stranded home with the kids.
But we compensated for it on Sunday. We actually had a taste of spring today. Rumsey playfield in Central Park was taken over by a 8,100 square foot dome which hosted a carousel, story times, musical and acrobatic performances among many other things.

I could barely wait to finally get out of the house and because of this we arrived when the dome was still closed. It was freezing outside, but the kids didn't seem to even notice that. David patiently waited until a gate opened while Julia was jumping up and down the stairs. Slowly people started joining us and forming a line.
It was amazing what they did to this place. It truly seemed like a spring inside with the flowers all over not to mention that it felt like a sauna in there. Our jackets came off as soon as we walked in. Of course, the kids spotted a carousel right away and remained on it for four rounds.

Perhaps the high point of David's day was when he sat down and enjoyed a complimentary cup of hot chocolate while listening to a nearby performer.

We stayed long enough to watch two acrobatic performances that took our breath away. These guys were so good that both adults and kids stayed glued to their seats for the duration of the performance.

David even joined some of the kids at a story time corner long enough to get through one book and then he ran off to continue exploring some more and get another cup of hot chocolate.

It was surprisingly nicely put together and all of us had an incredible time. We left with a bag of goodies for both us and our kids. On the way back, Julia kept saying "more", to which David would reply "no more! carousel tomorrow!". I hope he doesn't ask for a carousel tomorrow because this boy doesn't take "no" very well for an answer.
It is so difficult to find something in the winter to do with the kids that doesn't break a bank and "hunting" for free winter entertainment has been lately my and Seth's job. Two more months of this freezing weather and we are hoping to start bringing David biking in Central park.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

What fun!! I'm so glad the kids are feeling better! Sorry about Seth though.

By the way, that picture of you with David and Julia is gorgeous. Really beautiful. You all look so happy.