Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Run, David, Run!

It was a beautiful evening in our little town of Leonia, and the family decided to head to Overpeck Park for some fun. Nataliya was going to jog around on the running path while the kids and I were going to play and offer moral support nearby. However, things would not go as planned as David was not content being a bystander...

As we watched David run, many thoughts passed through our minds. For starters, this kid can really run! Maybe we should sign him up for soccer... when he's old enough. Could we get him involved with a running-related sport that could lead to a college scholarship?

Then there was the reality of it - In the time that Nataliya makes sure Julia's descent on the playground slide was safe, David could take off and disappear. Perhaps we need to consider getting David some new sneakers!

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