Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Best "Date" Ever.

I had a "date" this weekend. He was a few feet shorter than me, not big on words, cheap (as I ended up paying for our lunch) and for some reason, he was very amused by the buses and the NYC subway system. Even though he might not sound like a perfect gentleman, for a two-and-a -half year old, he actually was. That's right -David was my perfect "date" today and so was the time I spent with him in Manhattan.
Even though I am a stay at home mom, I don't get to spend any one-on-one time with my son as Julia usually gets most of my attention. Today, a lot of museums in New York city offered a free admission, so I decided to use this opportunity and take David to one of them, the Children's Museum of Manhattan . It was supposed to be a day about David, so to make him happy we ditched the car and took public transportation; a bus and a subway and no stroller.

No one could miss the fact that David was from the suburbs, it was that evident. He was pointing and shouting at every single bus passing by, impatiently waiting for the train and pushing his way in without even waiting to let people out.
We had a great time at the museum as well. David spent almost three hours running up and down four story building exploring every activity station. I don't know why it is called a museum, it reminds me more of an indoor playground.

After a busy morning, I decided to treat my little man to a nice lunch. Around the corner from the museum, there is a restaurant called Good Enough to Eat which according to Time Out New York Kids magazine is the place to eat with your little one. Ha! It sure is if you are willing to wait on line for over an hour to get a seat. So, instead we settled at an outside table of Fred's restaurant (doubt David would taste the difference in his scrambled eggs from one restaurant to another). He inhaled his eggs and while waiting for me to finish my sandwich, he was people watching (you'd think he doesn't get out much).

David was so happy running down the streets of Manhattan as though it was a giant park. What a day it was for both of us! I will definitely do these one-on-one outings with him more often. And from what I heard, Julia had a blast hanging out with daddy back in NJ.

P.S. An update on David's potty training. We have arrived, we are there!


Kristen Perkins ("Grace's Mom") said...

Wow! Your post made me miss NYC sooo much. Our current city really just does not compare. Give the kids big hugs from the homesick Floridians. And congrats on the potty training. Woo hoo! May you have many joyous moments wrapping disgusting public toilet seats with toilet paper wondering why we tossed in the towel on those diapers! ;-)

Nataliya said...

I miss the city every day even though we live only a few miles away. I even realized this weekend that I miss taking a subway.
As for using dirty public toilets, one can avoid them for awhile, at least, by purchasing one of these on the go potty (of course, David refuses to sit on it... sigh). Hope you had a great time at Outer Banks and I am looking forward to reading all about it on your and Sadaf's blogs.

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

ohmigod...I am so impressed!! It sounds like such a fun adventure.

I'm also thrilled you've managed to make it through the potty training successfully. Congrats!! i am going to go hang my head in shame now, because my child will be the last one on the planet in his age group to be toilet trained.



Kristen Perkins ("Grace's Mom") said...

Well that "on the go potty" looks a heck of a lot easier than what I've been doing. In fact, I went to a football game with a currently child-less friend who exclaimed in horror that she could not believe I just scrubbed that toilet and then lined it with a roll of toilet paper. What we do for these kids, huh?!