Monday, September 17, 2007

Are we there yet?

David turned two and a half years old last week and I decided to get off my a** and start potty training him (as per David's pediatrician, I should have done this before he was one year old). While it's true that he's been using potty for the last couple of months, it's only been when it was convenient for both of us. I've used up all of my excuses why David is still in diapers: a) it is so nice outside, so he should be playing in the park, b) I have an infant, so it is difficult to concentrate on potty training David, and c) we have a carpet and he can't be walking naked in the house and our backyard is not fenced in.
After realizing that most of the kids David's age are already out of diapers, I made a commitment of doing whatever was needed to get this kid to the next stage of a toddler-hood. So, last weekend we stuck around our neighborhood, didn't go anywhere further than a mile away from the house, but rather took advantage of what our town had to offer. The kids went to our library for a story time. We even flew a kite in a nearby park.

When David was boycotting the potty, he stayed home with daddy while Julia received my undivided attention at the park.

So, what have we accomplished if anything this weekend? David did have a few accidents and if it was up to Seth (who was the one cleaning all of them), you'd be reading all the glorious details about them. But since I want to maintain some of my child's integrity, all I can tell is that I've heard more disgusting potty training stories from other mothers. But otherwise, he did better than I had expected him to do. He went to the park wearing a pair of underwear and actually came home dry. He still doesn't ask me when he needs to go to the toilet, but at least he'll sit on it. Today, David's been wearing the same pair of pull ups all day long without wetting them once and even went on a toilet at the library while Julia was going through the garbage in there ... such is her life.
I feel as though this has been the most stressful and difficult part of the toddlerhood so far for ME. I don't know how long it will take David to get completely off the diapers, but for both of our sakes (as well as Julia's) it better doesn't last too long. If we're lucky, Julia will see how much David enjoys going potty and will quickly follow in his footsteps! (yeah, right!)

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I don't think you'll have to worry about David being the last one in the nabe to be potty trained. At the rate we're going, Jordan may be potty trained by the time he leaves for college. who knows.