Monday, September 10, 2007

Have Camera, Will Travel

One evening, I decided to let David play with the digital camera. David didn't quite understand it, but was eager to play. Here are a few of his efforts:

First there was the picture of his fire truck. (The fire truck was moving too quickly for a good shot!)

Then David thought it would be interesting to watch himself taking a picture in the mirror. The flash bulb distorted the image a bit.

Then he moved into the kitchen for a shot of Nataliya. Unfortunately, Mommy's a bit too tall, so some of the picture was cut.

Then it was back into the living room. Should he continue to take pictures, or perhaps watch tv. He decided to combine the two activities!

Finally, someone he could photograph at his level. Julia was not a big fan of being photographed, though.

Sorry, Julia... there's no escape from David and his camera!

Maybe one shot of the track lighting would be cool, right?

Anyway, David has a ways to go before he becomes proficient at taking pictures. For now, he had a fun time with the camera. Whether it was watching the flash bulb go off in Julia's eyes, or watching the small LCD screen which looked just like a small television, you can be sure this isn't the last of David's photos!