Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I couldn't think of a name for this post. Just couldn't.

I wanted to vent a bit here, but if I started, there would be no end to it and I don't want to loose two people who visit my blog.
Instead, I'll show you some pictures of my finished knitted work. Seth's co-worker is pregnant, so before we left to New England, I knitted a blanket, a bib and a vest for her baby.

I've been also a bit obsessed with knitting the bibs from this site. They are very cute, a very quick knit which led me to make at least 10 of them.
What gets me through lately? Reminding myself of cute, clever, not so typical (for their age) things my kids do. This picture makes me smile. It's David packing for our vacation. I wrote him a list of things he needed to place in a bag and he picked it all on his own and would check off each item as he'd place them in a bag. I had promised myself I would trust him and not check on him. Once we got to Maine, we realized that the only thing he forgot to pack was his pajama top. Why is he so mature in some ways and extremely immature in others?

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Larissa said...

What a generous - and beautiful - gift for the baby. You guy did great in that he only forgot his pj top. I have a David myself. He is 9 and last week he forgot to pack a change of pants so that we could go have lunch and shop at trader joe's after taekwondo class - he had to wear his white gi pants. You have a great space here. Thanks for visiting my blog.