Monday, September 6, 2010

We Are Exhausted....

because we just returned from our vacation visiting Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. As we (the kids) were having a great time, I promised myself not to leave the house again until they are at least 15 years old. Yes, they lived on the beach for 5 days straight, yes they ate in the restaurants 3 times a day (David's dream come true. Am I really such a bad cook? ), yes they visited a light house (the reason we went up North), yes the kids went on the rides, yes we slept in 5 different hotels throughout this trip (more excitement for the kids), yes David built a diving board and kept jumping off of it.
We went on this trip without making any reservations or doing any research. It is so not typical of us especially of Seth who likes to plan a vacation at least a year ahead. We barely see each other at night to discuss our days let alone our vacations. So, Seth took a week off and we just decided to drive up North to Maine. Then a few days later we (Seth and I) couldn't take the beaches anymore, so we drove up 3 more hours to Vermont just to show the kids the Ben and Jerry factory. It turned out to be the best move as we came across a lake located 2 min away from the factory. We spent the whole day there and the kids had a great time playing, kayaking and meeting new kids. I was able to squeeze 5 hours of uninterrupted knitting. Everybody was happy.

I really don't want to leave my house for a long time. Ask me tomorrow though when the school starts and I'll probably be ready to get out of this town... alone.

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