Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The First Day of School.

Both kids on their first day of school. David entered the kindergarten and Julia started the pre-k. I need to remember to take a picture of them on the same spot on their last day of school, so I could compare how much they've grown and changed.
David loved his first day. He's pretty excited that the assistant teacher is a young man. He loves the school's library, art room and the gym. He told me he read our favorite book "The Giving Tree" to the classroom.
On the second day of school he asked me to give him paper money in the future to buy lunches although he did add afterword that he loved the lunch I made him.
Seth dropped Julia off at her classroom. She keeps telling me she is too big to kiss me goodbye. It's sad, but I get flooded by her kisses at home, so that makes me feel better. The director asked her today if she had a great day and of course, Julia said she had a bad day. She says everything opposite she knows people expect to hear. Oh, it reminds me so much of David.
I'm looking forward to this school year and hope both kids will have fun and make some good friends.

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