Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Her Latest Obsession.

This is how we've been passing our days lately: school, dig for worms, lunch with worms, nap or not, pick up David, dig for more worms, dinner with worms, bath, story time to worms, sleep.
I've heard some kids having imaginary friends, but Julia's latest "buddies" have really taken me by surprise. In Julia's case, her "bestest" friends are worms. We dig for them in our neighbors' curbs (those who have jobs, of course). We've dug a half of our front lawn looking for them. I purchased Julia and David the bug holding containers for $1 in Target and I hope that their interest will last as long as the quality of those jars. Julia gets so excited when she finds a worm and without a beat, she picks it up with her bare hands and puts it in a jar. David on the other hand won't handle them and has Julia pick a worm up for him and drop it in his container. The best part is they think the worms are their pets and they bring them inside, insist on keeping a jar on the dining table while having a meal and feed them leaves. I think the longest the worms stayed alive in those jars were two days.

And on the days when the dirt is too dry, she is perfectly content to collect the ants or any other crawling creatures instead. I finally had to put my foot down when she found a dead bird in our backyard and insisted on bringing it in and putting a Band-Aid on it.

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