Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Handmade Presents.

I've been keeping myself busy after Seth and I put the kids to bed. Some time ago, I came across these very cute infant blocks and thought I could make and gift them to David's math teacher's son who just turned 1. We didn't give her any present when he was born because David just started school and I barely knew any teacher's name at the time. I used a different design (numbers=math teacher) and placed two bells inside of each block. I also included a knitted mouse which came out twice as big as the one in the pattern.

After David saw a mouse, he asked me to knit one for Julia since she likes mice. For her, I made it in purple and pink.

I think Julia approves.

Between those two projects, I whipped up another skirt I had knitted earlier for Julia. This one is a gift.

I found a pattern for knitted flowers and ended up embellishing the skirt with three of them.

There's nothing on my needles right now as I'm busy packing for a trip to Geneva. Julia and I are off tomorrow to visit my cousin and her family in Europe.

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