Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Things.

This week is a teacher appreciation week and it reminded me yet again of how grateful I am for the teachers in David's life.
As David enters kindergarten next fall, I'm already agonizing over his kindergarten teacher. Will they be a match? Will she recognize and appreciate his creativity, perfectionism and determination to complete the work before proceeding to a next task? Or will she instead label him as difficult? Will she praise him? Will she realize how much those praises lift his spirit and build his confidence?

It took some time for David's current teachers to see his kindness, his generosity and his brightness. Instead of trying to fit him in a classroom, they adjusted their approach to accommodate him. They know how much he loves science, so they have him be a teacher's helper during a science experiment. They write words like "perfect", "good job" and draw stars on his worksheets. These things make the world of difference to David. The teachers make mistakes on purpose to show him that everyone makes them, so he wouldn't be so hard on himself when he makes one. They let him bring his creations to school to show to his friends even though personal things are not allowed in school.

All these little things matter to David so much and, I think, that's the reason he loves his school. Anytime it's closed for a break, David's response is always "Oh, no" (whereas Julia's -- "Yay!").

There are a lot of nice and kind words I have for Julia's teachers as well, but since she prefers to leave her mischief at home, she is not much trouble at school and thus doesn't need as much individual attention as David does.
Both kids made this card for their teachers (they used only their handprints for a flower and turned this door sign project into a card). Since the name of David's school is "Learn and Grow Academy", I thought it was really appropriate for his teachers.

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