Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday Adventures.

We are back home from visiting our relatives in Toronto for Easter. Julia still insists that she went to Ukraine and tells this to everyone in her school. David keeps drawing churches and asking Seth to take him there.
This week we tried to get back to our regular schedule. Julia went back to school and David was off since it's a spring break in his school. I realized it was a good opportunity to spend some quality time with him. So putting cleaning and cooking aside, we played sports in our backyard until it was time to pick up Julia.
Then Thursday rolled in. I decided to take him to a park in a nearby town which we have been visiting for years. It has a lot of old equipments like a merry-go-round, metal see-saw, sand box among others. Not even 5 minutes us being there as I noticed a police car parking next to mine and a cop writing me a ticket. Long story short, since I'm not a resident I wasn't allowed to park there until 10 am and it was only 9:30 am. That was one pricey outing.
Not to let the morning incident spoil the rest of the day, I decided to have a picnic with the kids in the woods. We picked up Julia and went on a hike looking for a nice picnic spot. We had such a wonderful time that I promised myself to bring them there at least couple times a week once David is done with his school and eats lunch with us. It was peaceful, quiet and enjoyable which is never the case around our dining table at home.

I wish that was enough excitement for one day. In the afternoon the kids asked me to take them bike riding in the Middle school a block away from us. They rode their bikes there, but 20 minutes later got bored and insisted on riding to a local playground about 10 minutes away. Sure, why not. David is pretty good on his bike and even though he rides too fast for Julia or me to keep up with him, he'll always wait for me at a cross walk. The kids like riding in the playground although I don't think it's the safest as there are a lot of smaller kids playing and considering David rides like a maniac on his bike, it's just the matter of time when he hits someone. I kept my eyes on the kids the whole time until I lost Julia. I ran all over the park looking for her when I noticed someone helping David up. His lips were covered in blood, he was crying pointing to his scratched up knee, elbow and fingers. Thankfully, he couldn't see his face because knowing how dramatic he is, he would have fainted. I rushed him to the police office located off the playground when who decided to show up? Julia! I asked her where she was and she said she got lost and a grown up was feeding her popcorn. I was thankful she was alive, so I wasn't paying too much attention to her until the cop who was wiping blood off David's face (it was coming from the inside of his nose), elbow and knees started applying bandages on his wounds. Then Julia went into a full meltdown mood crying that she needs a bandage too for a 5 day old scratch on her toe. At the end, the police officer gave us a ride home as David insisted he couldn't walk and while the cop was telling me all about his brand new baby, I was contemplating of asking him to do something about the ticket I received earlier that day. I decided not to push my luck and let it go.

After an hour of laying on a couch moaning and holding an ice pack over his nose that tripled in size, David couldn't wait to get outside and play.

Seth rushed home and took him to the emergency room to make sure his nose wasn't broken. Unfortunately, because it was swollen so much, they couldn't do much there. So, I'm bringing him to a specialist next week.
The good thing is, David was back on his bike the next day cruising all over the town, falling again, dusting himself off and getting right back on a bike. I have a feeling he won't be a stranger to the emergency rooms.

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