Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Week.

For the past week, the weather's been so nice that most of our time has been spent outside in the park or riding their bikes into town. David's excitement to ride his bike has faded somewhat, whereas Julia's has never been higher. We managed to make a few new crafts projects this week, especially since David, upon walking into the house, has a habit of asking "what are we making today?"
One day, on a way to school, David told me he wanted to make a house and have a soup for dinner. So, while Julia napped, I was busy chopping up ingredients for chicken soup, while I was trying to figure out how to put together a dog house for both kids to decorate later. Here's the result:

We also made some ladybugs - just because I thought they looked pretty cute!

We also made some jellyfish since 'J' was the "letter of the week" at his school last week.

I recently realized that David refers to the future as "tomorrow." Summer is tomorrow, his birthday is tomorrow, he is going to school tomorrow, etc.
Since his birthday party will be next Sunday, I decided to make a birthday countdown project to this day. Every night before he goes to bed, he takes off one of the rings and then counts how many days are left to his party. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this clever craft, I came across it on here .

Surprisingly, David has been very curious as to how things work and as Seth obliges by taking out an Anatomy book. Tonight, Seth explained to David what happens to his dinner after it's swallowed, while David listened intently and occasionally interrupted with "what's that?"

Today we purchased David a belt since he's been wearing a piece of my yarn around his belly everywhere, calling it his belt. He figured out how to buckle it up, wore it all day long and already attached it to his clean pants for tomorrow.

The thing I am most excited about has to do with my crazy daughter. She's been wearing underwear for the last two weeks without having an accident and without being reminded to use a toilet. She goes on it by herself, takes her clothes off and then puts her underwear on by herself. She still has accidents at night, but at least we are done with diapers during the day. I just can't believe it took me longer to potty train her than David.

And after this long week, it looks like I'll have to come up with some craft ideas for tomorrow as the schools have all closed in preparation of a snow storm. Fun!

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