Monday, March 23, 2009

OCD in Our Family.

I think I might have mentioned before David's obsessiveness likeliness of his clothes. Any task that includes his clothes makes him happy. Folding it? Check. Placing it in his hamper? Check. Thanking me for doing his laundry without me ever prompting him? Check.
This morning, as I was placing his clean pajama back in his dresser drawer, I noticed that all of his pajamas were nicely folded.

Last time I saw him undressing in the morning, he would take his pajama off and just shoved it into the drawer. I asked Seth if he folded all David's pajamas this morning. He didn't, but he told me he had told David to keep his clothes neat and folded. I guess nowadays, after David takes it off, he turns it inside out and then folds it neatly before placing it back into the drawer. Not surprisingly, he takes it after Seth who if timing allowed would organize both pantry and linen closets every weekend.


Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I am so LOVING your son right now. Send him over to my house and I will teach him the proper "Gap fold" for sweaters, t-shirts and even jeans. He can practice on my kids laundry.

Seth said...

When he starts folding them so that all the same category of clothing are folded into the same geometric pattern with sharp folds, and the pajama sets are sorted by season and then color, then I'll go along with the OCD description! Until then, it's just a desire to be organized/neat as genetically predispositioned by his fractional German roots!