Thursday, February 26, 2009


Since David was little I've been dreaming of setting up his closet like one on the pages of the container store . I could never justify the cost though especially since we are looking for a new house. Of course, recently the container store introduced freestanding options that you don't have to mount to the wall and could take with you anytime you move. I've especially been eying this kid's closet . Again, can anyone really imagine spending over $700 on a few racks and baskets in a child's closet? Well, I could imagine, but I am not willing to part with that much cash. Can I secretly admit something here (nobody reads this anyway, especially not my husband)? The reason I want a house is to have a spare room that I could transform into an art and craft studio for the kids. And only then can I justify spending a few hundred dollars on one of these spaces . The other day, as I was flipping through the pages of old issues of Family Fun magazines, I came across a page featuring a very organized child's closet. It looked exactly how I wish I set up David's closet. It also listed all the items in a closet and where you can purchase them. One specific item caught my attention for a few reasons. It was sold in the container store, cost only $9.99 (I didn't know this store sold anything under $50), easily removable AND it is one item that I knew David needed . It was a double hang closet rod . You see, David picks his own clothes in the morning, and while his shirts are easily accessible in his dresser drawers, his pants (and especially his shorts in the summer) are hung high in his closet. He would pull his pants down by pulling on the pant legs until they were freed from the plastic hanger, or the hanger would break. So, to tell you the truth, I don't really need to organize his closet as much as to make it more accessible to him.
This morning, armed with a 20% off coupon, I and Julia headed to the container store. I told David that when he comes home from school, a surprise would await him. I purchased 2 of those hang closet rods, the other one for Julia's closet which actually needs to be organized, although that will wait for another couple of months until her new bed and dresser arrive.
Once home, I installed a rod in less than a minute, arranged David's clothes in about five minutes and here's before and after:

As soon as I picked David from school, he asked for his surprise and asked if Julia got one too. I wanted to see his expression when he saw his reorganized closet and I wasn't disappointed - it was priceless. (Do I know my son or not?)

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