Monday, March 2, 2009

Sleeping w/Mommy

Some time in the middle of the night, Julia slips out of her daybed, goes into our bedroom and climbs into our bed. There are nights now that we may not even hear her, and on other nights, we're just too tired to argue. There are times where I've said, "Julia, go back to your bed" and she'll reply in a soft firm voice, "no." At 3AM, that's a damn good rebuttal and I'll fall back asleep.

Then she'll lay down between Nataliya and I, regardless of how close we may be. She'll just lay there until the gap between us increases and she falls into place. Luckily for me, she prefers to be closer to Mommy, but how Nataliya can sleep through this is amazing!

Ummm, that might not be the best place to lay your head, Julia!

At this point, Nataliya is doing a balancing act on the edge of the bed.

Julia finds that it's easier to push Mommy with her feet.

Nataliya will wake up in an hour, wondering why her mouth tastes like feet.

After kicking me out of bed, Julia starts working on Mommy's side!

So how do you discourage a child to sleep with their parents when they're too tired to do much about it. Hopefully when she gets her new bed she'll be encouraged to stay in her own room. (David's never done this, and he even knows that Julia is doing it but for some reason doesn't make an issue over it...)

If any positive has come from this, it's really encouraged us to get her potty trained.

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