Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coloring in Ikea.

Yesterday we made a trip to Ikea to replace some of the kids' chairs, get more paper rolls for the kids' easel and check out their kids' bed selection since Julia is long overdue for her toddler bed. I am not sure she even needs a bed, though, since she either sleeps with us or on the couch downstairs (this topic deserves its own blog).
We arrived there as soon as the store opened. Our plan was to go straight to the children's department, get what we needed and be on our way back before our kids realized that shopping isn't their idea of fun. David had his own idea of how shopping should be done and for the first time neither Seth nor I objected to it. I completely forgot that Ikea has a huge play area filled with balls that houses a slide, ladders, a tv set and even an art and crafts corner. As we were passing by it, David insisted on playing there. Seth signed him in while Julia was having a bit of a meltdown since she wanted to join David, but she was too short. We watched David long enough to see that he was having a great time jumping and climbing, even though he was the only one inside, and then three of us proceeded to shop.
Half an hour later I insisted that we go back and check up on David. I was sure that the speaker system broke down and that's why we were not called to pick him up yet. I had a minor heart attack when I couldn't spot him anywhere near the sport equipments. Then I saw two kids sitting at the table and coloring. One of them was David. He seemed to be fine, so we went back to shopping. Julia meanwhile picked up every stuffed bunny from the shelves and sneaked them into our shopping bag.
Forty minutes later, we were done exploring Ikea and were ready to claim our son back. And what do you think he was up? Still coloring and refusing to leave the table. I stayed to wait for him while Seth entertained Julia with the store's wide selection of stuffed animals. David would only occasionally lift his head to look for me or to gaze into the direction of a crying child. Nothing else seemed to bother him. Another half an hour later and he was finally done with his coloring project and he proudly showed me his work.

I like that he enjoys coloring and he does it really neatly especially for his age. I'm trying really hard to stop myself from analyzing why a boy his age would prefer coloring rather than jumping in a sea of balls or watching cartoons on tv.

We left with a roll of paper, two new wooden chairs for their crafts table, and two stuffed animals, thanks to Julia's manipulative smile and David's cry for equality. (Add them to the pile!)

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

That is awesome!!! What a big boy David has become.

Any luck with the toddler bed? Mina is so overdue for one too, but I keep delaying it.