Monday, February 2, 2009

Monster Fun!

It all started with a gift that David received about a year ago and just sat on a shelf - a Monster Jam DVD and plastic Predator monster truck. When we finally opened the DVD and played it for David, he was very amused. It was a strange coincidence that Monster Jam just happened to be coming to the Izod Center in just over a month.

On January 31st, my friend Ty joined David and myself as we went to Monster Jam. The show was a lot of fun, but very loud. Surprisingly, David didn't seem to mind too much.

David really started to get into it, yelling "yeah!!" whenever the MC asked - and he asked a lot - whether we were ready for monster jam. He joined the crowd when the loudspeaker started playing "We Will Rock You." He also got a kick when the crowd did the wave, jumping up and raising his hands on cue.

One part of the Monster Jam "competition" was making donuts with the monster trucks. Here you can see tire tracks from a couple of runs.

Here, Gravedigger flies over the pack of cars.

David smiles next to a few of the monster trucks at the end of the show.

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