Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Great Weekend.

There are weekends, and then there are great weekends. This weekend was the latter. Not only did the kids have non-stop fun, but so did Seth and I. Saturday started off with a Halloween parade in our town. Of course, my kids went as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Julia actually believes she is Tinker Bell for real. One thing that was great this year was that both Julia and David were thrilled that they recognized a lot more costumes than last year.

Here they are with their friend, Snow White (a.k.a. Olivia) whose birthday we would celebrate a few hours later that day.

David was so excited to walk in the parade that he was actually skipping.

He shortly ditched his sister and joined Olivia.

Once in the Recreation Center, decorated for the Halloween season, they headed straight for the treats.

The kids were chasing one another like maniacs, and barely paused long enough so that the parents could take a picture of them.

A short time later, they were changed and ready to celebrate Olivia's 4th Birthday. After getting them dressed, Seth and I got ready while they preoccupied themselves with their favorite activity -- "reading."

Party time! For my kids it meant running, eating pizza and then a frozen dessert.

On Sunday, we continued celebrating Halloween by heading to the annual Cabbage Night Family Festival at the James A. McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff, NJ, which provided a zillion free activities for the kids. Some of the activities that the kids enjoyed weren't even part of the festival.

We went on a hay(-less) ride.

The kids participated on stage with the musicians and while Julia bolted after the first song, David actually participated for the duration of both songs.

David pushed his way into the bouncy carousel-house and I couldn't get him out.

Pumpkin painting was kind of activity they just wanted to get out of the way, so they could go on having fun again. After slopping on a few splotches of paint, they were on to the next activity!

They both rode ponies.

Over two hours later and with both kids missing their naps, they could barely stand on their feet.

Of course, once the car pulled into the garage at home, the kids' energy skyrocketed and sleeping wasn't in their plans. They both went biking, helped Seth in the garden and then proceeded to turn our living room upside down.

It was indeed a great weekend.

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