Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween (About 3 Days Too Late).

(pumpkin drawn by David and carved out by Seth)

This year both David and Julia were grown enough to understand what Halloween was all about (it did help reading hundreds of books about this topic). They picked their own costumes last summer and David was disappointed that Disney store ran out of Peter Pan's hats and swords. Seth worked from home that day, so he could take David trick-or-treating to the stores in our town as he did when he was growing up in Leonia. Both kids ended up trick-or-treating 3 times on Friday. Unfortunately, I was so tired that day that I kept forgetting to bring my camera.
Luckily, I remembered to grab it just for long enough to take these shots.

I like how some people get into the spirit of Halloween. I am not one of these people and maybe that's why I really do appreciate it even more so when others make fools of themselves and the kids love it. We couldn't miss a famous witch's house who gives out toys and candies for Halloween.

David received a dinosaur and Julia got a bunny. She wasn't letting her new toy out of her sight. Now they both sleep with their stuffed animals.

The Halloween is over, but my kids still wear their costumes. It took me awhile to convince David to wear his regular clothes to the park yesterday and as soon as he got home from school today he announced that he is wearing his Peter Pan costume to bed at nap time.

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