Friday, July 4, 2008

A Night At The Camel

Every year, around Independence Day, Overpeck Park is transformed into rides, circus-like performers, games with stuffer animal awards, and various concession booths.

All week, David has been looking forward to spending time at the carnival, or as David has been calling it, "camel." Julia has been sharing his enthusiasm, but not sure what all the fuss is about. Tonight, we spent several hours showing the kiddies a good time.

We finished the night with some popcorn which both kids devoured.

For the kids, it was a great time. Even the rain didn't seem to bother them tonight.

In addition to the memories, David won himself a plastic ninja sword and Julia left with a stuffed dinosaur. For Nataliya and I, it was exhausting having to run after the kids for few more hours longer than usual, but worth it for the smiles on their faces and the conversations that will follow in the days to come.

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