Sunday, July 20, 2008

We'll be back sooner than expected.

With the weather report predicting yet another day in the 90s for Sunday, Seth came up with the idea of driving to Bushkill Falls for a nice walk in a (hopefully) cooler area. After packing up the car and heading out, we were on our way. It took about 15 minutes before Seth realized he'd left the name of the falls on a piece of paper on the kitchen counter, but luckily for the GPS system's 'point-of-interest' database, we were able to find the way. (How did we ever manage before GPS systems. Oh yeah ... our husbands would get lost until we insisted on asking for directions!)

I must say, even though the trip was a little bit over an hour and a half each way, it was totally worth it... except that we'll be back there next week for our vacation at the Pocmont Resort, located right across from the falls. No, we hadn't realized they were next door to each other.
The scenery is so beautiful, that I wish I lived nearby and could visit the falls every day. I don't think the kids appreciated them as much though. They were more preoccupied with climbing up and down hundreds of steep stairs. Julia walked down the stairs by herself without holding to a railing, and even when Seth or I would try to help, she'd scream that she wanted to do it herself. (She is at the stage where she wants to do everything by herself whether it's climbing very steep stairs, climbing up metal bars in the playground, getting dressed, crossing a street, jumping from a couch onto a chair, etc.) I'm stuck letting her feel that she's doing these things herself, but I (justifiably) can't completely trust her yet. (The times that she does fall, at least I'm there to catch her.) Most of the time, we would have to call for David as we'd lose sight of him as he was running ahead of us jumping over a few steps at the time and not fazed that beyond the wood banister was a couple-hundred foot drop.

Julia admires the view, while David tries to figure out how to climb onto the ledge.

Once David figured out that we were following the yellow trail, he didn't need us anymore! Julia did her best to keep up with her big brother.

David found the hike much more challenging by climbing onto the big rocks.

The kids stop to splash Seth as he tries taking a picture.

It's difficult to say 'no' to Julia when she pours on the cuteness!

We finished our outing with some yummy ice cream and spending some time in a playground on the grounds. On the way home, David fell asleep shortly after getting buckled up, while Julia kept us company in the car as she had no intentions of falling asleep.


Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Wow! The kids looked like they're having a blast! I think I like Julia's approach best though - hang out and eat ice cream.


Kristen Perkins ("Grace's Mom") said...

I can't believe how big Julia's getting!! What a cutie! And the pictures of Mina and Julia on Sadaf's blog feeding each other are adorable. Looks like they found their best friend for life!