Friday, July 4, 2008

The tradition continues.

July 4th has come again, bringing along with it the Leonia's annual 5k Run for Fun race. This year, I was actually hoping that it would rain, so I would have an excuse for not participating. I have been slacking off lately, barely running three miles a week as opposed to the 35 (or so) miles I ran after Julia's birth. I knew I wouldn't do as well time-wise as I had last year and I didn't want to be disappointed. I've tried to get out for a run to the park just before kids' bedtime, but then I feel guilty that both kids get the short end of a stick. Seth can't read Ukrainian bedtime stories to Julia (which seem to interest her more than the English ones) and David gets to listen to less stories than he would when both of us are around ... so usually I'll stay home and help Seth put the kids to bed. So because I wasn't prepared for the run, I wasn't looking forward to it. (Yes, I realize it is not a marathon, but when you haven't run in a while, a 5K run can feel just like a marathon.)

I remember seeing an ambulance cruising around last year just in case somebody needed medical attention. This year, the ambulance was nowhere to be found, which scared me a bit as I felt as I might need it at any time. As soon as I made it to the finish line in just under 26 minutes - a minute later than last year, I had to sit down because I felt that I would collapse. My dear husband who I know (or hope) didn't have bad intentions said to me, "I thought you would make it in a better time." Sigh...

The ironic thing is that despite the slower time, I received a first place trophy among women in my age category. I finally figured out why I get trophies -- there must be only 3 women in my age category who participate. The person who came in first in this year's race was a girl who made it in 17 minutes. 17 minutes!

So, as a more meaningful reward to myself that night, I skipped a dinner and instead had a bowl of yummy ice cream ... guilt-free.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...


I think this is so awesome! I'm so proud of you! It's inspiring that after two kids you are still a runner, and a marathoner! That kicks a$$!! Good for you, grrl.