Sunday, October 14, 2007

Van Saun Park in The Autumn

The crisp air of Autumn has finally arrived to NJ and with it come sweatshirts and runny noses, but it doesn't mean the end of fun. The family went to Van Saun Park today to spend some time on the train, the carousel, and of course, some fun in the park.

The park has slowly been getting its Halloween flavor as well, complete with cut-out boards with holes for putting your faces in. David and Julia got into the act, posing for some pictures.

First David:

And then Julia:

Next they took one together, but David started getting mischievous. Careful Julia - Big Brother is watching!

One thing we did notice is that the park was very quiet - too quiet. The temperature drops below 70 and the NJ parks are practically empty! The temperatures might be cooler, but it doesn't mean that the fun's all gone!

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