Monday, October 8, 2007

Craving Boredom.

I just recently realized why I am more tired on the weekends than during the weekdays. I shouldn't have any excuses as Seth spends the weekends playing with David and Julia whereas on the weekdays they are mostly my responsibility. On the weekdays though I don't drive myself crazy coming up with things to do with my kids. They spend bulk of their waking hours at our local parks playing with the same kids they've known for years/months in Julia's case. Once the weekend approaches, we always have at least two kid friendly outings in mind. We make sure we are back home for the kids' naps and we are back "on the streets" as soon as they are up. That's why we never get any break and Seth actually looks forward to going back to work on Mondays to "get some rest". This weekend was no exception... except that we had nothing planned days ahead and decided on the activities half an hour before leaving the house.

We found an ad in a paper about the Hackensack Street Festival and a half an hour later we were headed west. To our surprise, the festival had a lot of activities for the little ones such as a petting zoo, pony rides, live music, puppet shows, an inflatable slide and moonwalk. Did I mention running on the streets was not only allowed, but encouraged which was good as the kids had filled up on candies and lollipops and needed to burn some energy.

Saturday didn't end there. After the kids' naps, we took them to the playground where Julia was trying very hard to keep up with the older kids.

Sunday came and Seth thought it would be nice to get a fresh organic chicken from the farm for a dish I am planning to make this weekend. We've been to this farm before, but didn't remember the address and since it was too early to call a neighbor who introduced us to it, Seth decided to google it. Instead he came across Demarest Farm which we visit for pumpkin picking every October, so even though it is a little bit too early, we decided to get us a pumpkin for Halloween.

The hay ride was the most exciting part of the entire experience for David.

Julia was so mesmerized by a hay ride that she sat still the whole time.

Picking up the biggest pumpkin seemed challenging.

So, then David decided not to be so greedy and settled for the smallest one.

David chased Julia in a corn maze ("chased" is an understatement, it is more like "tortured").

Back home, while the kids were taking their naps, I was fixing some furniture I bought at a garage sale for Julia.

It was another busy weekend. There are definitely times when I wish I could stay in bed all day long with a pint or two of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and watch old movies. If Seth ever offered me this opportunity, you bet I am taking it! But for now, I am already planning the activities for next weekend which promises to be a hectic one.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

First, your post should be required bedtime reading for my kids so they will know how to manage the pumpkin picking next year.

Second, I love the table set. You always find the best stuff!

Finally, the weekend in bed eating ice cream thing sounds like a great idea. I'm putting that on my Christmas wish list.